replicating a record

Why I can replicate a record if I choose it in the the hierarchy list, but I can not replicate it from table view?


To which “table view” do you refer and how do you try to create a replicant?

For example using the 2 panel view, I create a new sheet and a new record inside. I see the triangle near the ‘new sheet’ icon and clicking on the triangle I can see the ‘record 1’. If I control-click the ‘record 1’ I can replicate it, as I can replicate it using ‘apple-L’ keystroke or drag and dropping it using command-option keys.

If I select the ‘new sheet’ I can also see the ‘record 1’ in right space of the view. This mode is called ‘sheet view’ or ‘table view’ in dtpo help on line. Well, if I select the ‘record 1’ from this view and I control-click it I have no way to replicate it. In ‘action’ menu there is the ‘replicate’ command, but it do not work, and ‘apple-L’ keystroke or drag and dropping it using command-option keys are not working.

While I can replicate rtf, pdf, sheets file in right space of the view, I can not replicate record. If I want to replicate a record I have to use the hierarchy list on left side of the view.


This view is a “content view” to edit sheets, not (yet) a view to organize items. Therefore you can copy/paste selected rows for example.