Replicating Group from Sidebar does not seem to work: RESOLVED

First time I can recall I’ve tried this. In a database I have a two groups of interest shown in the Sidebar. I’d like to “replicate” one into the other as they are related stuff. I right mouse select on the Group in the Sidebar, pick “Replicate To…” and pick the other group, and nothing happens.

If I show the group I wish to “Replicate To…” in the main file list (I forget what you call it), I can replicate it to the other group.

Frankly, I’m not sure this is me or a problem…

DEVONthink Pro 3.9.2

I cannot reproduce this; I see no failure to replicate a selected group to the target group. Make sure the candidate replicate group is selected in the sidebar before using “Replicate to…”.

Humm. I think it it is. I want to replicate from the group “…Sep” to “2023 London”. see in screen shot where “…Sep” is selected.

Ah. I was pointing the “replicate to…” to be the Group listed in Favorites. When I specifically picked it from other options provided, worked as expected.

As suspected, it was me.

In this instance, why not Option-Command-drag to the destination group in the sidebar?

I will give that a try next time on laptop. The “why not” is that I do have a lot of muscle memory for many useful-to-me keyboard commands, there are so many others I do not think of or remember. Simple as that.

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