Replicating to a new database

Having split my previous database into smaller ones, I was trying to do the following:

I wanted to conduct a search of open databases, and replicate the results to a new database. I thought that this would involve creating the new database, conducting the search, and then replicating. Unfortunately I can’t choose replicate, but only duplicate.
The disadvantage is that any changes I make in one database will not be made in the other.
My idea had been to set up temporary databases for projects, with results drawn from different databases, in which I would work, make changes, and on completion of that project would delete.
This does not appear to be possible.
Or is it?


No, replicants are (and will always remain due to their nature) limited to one database.

But something else is possible: Use Edit > Copy Item Link and Data > New > From Clipbard (or its shortcut Cmd-N) to insert links/bookmarks to items in other databases.

That’s great. Thanks for your help.
I don’t think it will allow me to select multiple documents though.
It is the results of a search across a few databases that I was hoping to pull together into a temporary database.

The reason for splitting the databases up, incidentally, is because I was asking too much of my RAM. I thought that a number of lighter databases might be preferable.

Thanks again,


As you’ve created the new database for as a tool to work on a project, and plan to delete it afterwards, just copy (rather than move) any materials you wish to assemble in it.

Assuming you’ve pulled selected references from several databases, you can close them while you are working in your project database, reducing RAM requirements.

Only if you’re not loading all of them all the time. Otherwise one large database is more efficient.

When selected, there is nothing displayed in the view pane for a link item created by the described technique. (View pane shows “No Selection”). However, if the item is double-clicked in the list view, it is displayed in a separate window.

Is this the expected behaviour?

As windows are database-specific, only double-clicking loads the database and opens the record.