Replicating 'Workspaces' in DTTG2?

Hello all,

I am a heavy user of Workspaces over on DTPO.
It frequently happens that I need to be off somewhere else, and take the iPP along with me – to continue writing in Scrivener, with my reference files inside DTTG2.

I haven’t really given this much thought – but what I have done a few times, is if I know I will be referring to 2/3/4 specific files/articles, that I currently have open, and am writing “off”, I will allocate a temporary ‘tag’ to them (i.e. AAZZ etc.), and sync to DTTG2.

On the iPP, searching for AAZZ calls up all 2/3/4 files, with this being quicker to reach than 'deep searching/hunting.

Option 2, involves simply replicating those files to a temporary group, and accessing things from there, over on the iPad.

Anyone do anything different? Would be interesting to hear how others approach this, if at all.

Personally, I’d opt for the tagging approach as replicants leave debris behind IMHO. If you’re mindful to clean up after yourself, perhaps not a big deal.
On a side note: Tags, unlike what many people think, can be used successfully as temporary metadata. Our late, beloved Bill DeVille used this approach with Tags all the time.