Replication inside the original document

Hi : )

Since the latest version of DThink, when I replicate a document the text of this document is also replicated inside the original document. Say in another way, DThink replicates correctly the document in another group, but doing so, it also “copy and paste” the replicated text inside the original document. Does anyone has the same trouble?

Note: I use Mountain Lion 10.8.2

Note 2: It happens with rtf documents

Do you mean that the text in a replicant is repeated within the same document? In other words does this:

Become this:

(Of course, the text, formatting, images, etc., in each replicant will be exactly the same in all replicants of a document – there is no way to make one replicant instance have different contents than another instance.)

Yes, it’s exactly what is happening.

It looks like some keyboard shortcuts are getting conflated. This is an odd question, but are you perhaps using a relatively new MacBook – past 18 months – there are strange things like this that happen with some trackpads.

Similarly, tools that allow extended configuration and use of the Magic Mouse/Trackpad are also worth checking. Using BetterTouchTool here, I’m (very) occasionally experiencing ‘funny’ things, not with DEVONthink , but this may change depending on the configuration of the tool.

I have indeed a new iMac with a “Magic Trackpad”. Funny that it may be the cause of the problem : ) Thanks!