"Report a Bug" uses wrong program

To reproduce:

  1. Install MailMate.
  2. In Mail’s Preferences > General, set “default email reader” to MailMate.
  3. Quit Mail and launch DT3.
  4. Hold down Option, and choose Help > Report a Bug.

Expected behaviour:

The bug report is created in MailMate.

Actual behaviour:

Mail is launched and the user is prompted to control Mail (I’m running DT 3.0.2 on macOS 10.14.6 (18G84)). If the user refuses permission to control Mail, subsequent attempts to create a bug report will not even open a window.

Please could DT3 respect users’ system settings?

(The bug I was trying to report was that, when using Option-Enter to create a new line in an imprint, it shows just fine in the preferences, but is treated as a space when imprinting. Is there a way to have an imprint on multiple lines?)

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I can confim MailMate isn’t used, but I can’t say if it’s supported for this interaction either.

You could Mail for DEVONthink 3 in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation.

Regarding multi-line Imprints, it is possible but there are some things Development needs to tweak here. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for letting me know how to get control back — I can drag the attachments across to MailMate one by one, and copy/paste the text (why it doesn’t let me drag that is anyone’s guess, but certainly not DEVONtechnologies to blame :grin:)

You’re welcome!
And yes, apps have to specifically support drag and drop and also how the app handles the incoming data.

Which version of Mailmate do you use?

I’m using MailMate 1.13 (5655). I think that’s the latest one.

Indeed it is.

MailMate is indeed not yet supported, the last time I had a look at its AppleScript support it wasn’t sufficient unfortunately. I’ll check this again.

It’s still very limited.

What additional support do you need? I could open a ticket with the MailMate dev to see if there’s any likelihood of getting support added…

An AppleScript command to create a new outgoing message, attach several files, set the subject/content/receiver and send the message optionally would be great.