Reproducible Sorter error involving arrow keys

This is consistent with 3.0beta6. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Bring any application other than DEVONthink to the front.
  2. Invoke Sorter.
  3. Use the up/down arrow keys.

Result: A dropdown menu appears with the same options that would appear if using the mini menu in the DEVONthink search field.

Expectation: Navigating the currently focused text in the Sorter. The left and right arrow keys behave as expected.

Restarting Devonthink doesn’t change the behavior.

? In what section of the Sorter?

I’m not seeing anything unusual here. Open the Sorter to the Home section and the search field is focused. Up and down are doing nothing here. Tab into the item list and up and down navigates as expected.