Req: Clipping from existing internal item inherits donor's U

Clipping from an existing clipping/doc/item (rtf) within DTP inherits the URL of the donor item.

Yes, if one selects a portion of text in an existing document that was captured from a Web page, and uses the contextual menu option to capture it as a rich text note, the URL is inherited. Isn’t that wonderful? I used to have to manually copy and paste the URL in order to keep the source documented.

But note that the URL is not preserved if one copies the selected text to the clipboard, then uses Command-N to save to the database from the clipboard.

I’m sorry, Bill, this was a request item, which I worded as a statement, but should read as a ‘request for functionality.’

It does not seem to work the way you describe. What I want to do is just what you said, but it duddn do dat. :astonished:

Darn. You are right. And I was right only for clippings from a WebArchive. I had been taking some clippings from a WebArchive document and was delighted to see that the URL was captured in the clippings even when I was offline.

But it doesn’t work that way for a rich text capture of a Web page. A clipping from that rich text document doesn’t pick up the source URL.

So I second your request. I always like to keep information about the source/reference of clippings and notes. Usually, I add a link to the source document into my smaller clippings. And/or name the clipping so as to associate it to the source document.

bump for pb3

The next beta will retain the URL after internal capturing via drag & drop or services.

…and I thank you again!