Req: Restore tab key for editing comments

List View: Please restore tab key’s functionality to move focus to comments column for editing. (or choose another key to allow this)

I can’t stand having to do the slow double-click thing just to enter a comment.

Tab worked for this in the last version. (pb3)

Or is there a new way to edit comments without having to use the *&&^%$#@ mouse?

Don’t dare suggest using the info panel, please.

It’s probably a side effect of this change in 2.0 pb4:

  • Tab key doesn’t make the path/URL/comment column editable anymore

I’d requested that before realizing the original behavior was Apple’s fault, as discussed at the end a Bruji Forum thread. Conor’s comments are worthwhile.

DTech might want to reverse this change, at least for the sake of cross-app consistency. And hopefully Apple eventually allows ESC to cancel accidental Tab-invoked edits.

The next beta will remove this “enhancement”.

I agree with your choice. Sorry for wasting your time doing and undoing it, though I appreciate having learned something in the process.

Don’t worry, we get all kinds of requests which are mutually exclusive :wink: The difficulty is to guess which one is more important/common.

Naah. That’s not difficult! MY requests, of course, are the most important! LOL :smiling_imp:

Thanks for your hard work, Christian.

And you followed through! Yay!

Thank you, Christian. :slight_smile: