[REQ] Synchronization

Hi members,
in DT Pro the “synchonize” function only adds entries, but didnt remove obsolete files.
Is this correct or did I misse something?

Dear JFiedler,

as of now DT’s snynchronisation is only one-way. This means, while it will look for changes in the original data files and accordingly update entries in the DT database, it will not do so the other way around. I brought this topic up a while ago and was told, that it would be rather difficult to implement a “true” synchronisation. (Maybe writing all the different file formats is more difficult than reading them…?) Also you could accidently delete original files quite easily. Hope this helps,


Thanks dr_tone.
So, maybe this would be a nice feature.
But IMHO it should be possible, because of several backup-apps are capable of real synchronization. And accidently deleted files…no way 8)
So, lets wait and ask for it. It seems that the Devon team is quite responsible and introduces “wanted” features.

Better synchronization will come in Version 2, although perhaps not in the first release.

Because the current database is monolithic in structure, two-way synchronization is quite difficult and problematic.