Request: 3.0.2 New sidebar keyboard feature

Hi, I love that you can now use the arrowkeys to move through the sidebar. But, it would have made even more sense if it was possible to quickly move from the sidebar to the main window as well. I.e. by pressing return or tab (like most other software) — or by using left/right to move between the sidebar and main window.

Im a keyboardist, and the less I can use the mouse, the better for me.

Just found out that I can use ctrl-tab to move between the panes. Though im not sure why ctrl is necessary in this situation. Why not strip the keymodifier and just use tab?

Ctrl-Tab works always, e.g. Tab doesn’t work in text or web views.

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Makes sense. Thanks

Is it possible to customize the shortcut? I’ve been using ⌃⇥ for the Witch window switcher for many years.

This shortcut can’t be customized, it’s actually used in DEVONthink since version 1.x.

Maybe with something like Karabiner?

Can it be customised to work on a single app? If so, then you could, I guess.

I am using Keyboard Maestro to map ⌃⌘→ (control + command + left arrow) to ⌃Tab as I don’t like