Request: field based databases in DT?

DT is a free form database, and that’s fine. From time to time, however, I miss in DT the possibility to create a field based database of the Filemaker type: the possibility to create a file of records which all have more ore less the same predefined structure.

Is there any chance that such an option will be added in the near future, or is this something that lies outside DT’s philosophy?


I think the table feature will be what you are searching for. It is planned for the next (or the following?) version of DT.

Anybody entitled to be more precise about the table feature, please explain…


Of course I don’t know how exactly the table feature in the coming version(s) of DT or DT Pro will be structured, but I didn’t think of something like a conventional table with a number of columns and a number of rows. Let me give a concrete example to explain what I mean. If a want to put into DT a large collection of proverbs (or of whatever you like), at present (correct me if I’m wrong) there are only two options: you can stick them all into just one document, or you can make a document of each of them, and stick all these documents into a folder.

Neither of these options seems satisfactory to me; I would prefer a solution of the Filemaker-kind, in which every record is an autonomous, but not a wholly independent entity. Of course for this purpose I could use Filemaker or another field-based database application (which, by the way, don’t seem to be very numerous for the Mac), but I prefer not to use too many applications. That’s why I asked what I asked.