Request for PDF ISO Compatibility Check Functionality

I am aware that this is an absolutely ancient discussion for this forum, but I just bought into the most recent version of DEVONThink and wanted to put my vote in. I’ve noticed that there are actually a number of such programs on the market right now, which at least claim to perform PDF ISO standards checking. Many of them even have batch functionality. The problem is that I have no idea if they will resolve the problem of DEVONThink crashing on Verify & Repair, and I can’t find out if they will until I’ve purchased them (one at a time). This could get very expensive, very fast.

If ISO compatibility is not possible, something which would be extremely helpful is to just know the name of the file which DEVONThink crashed on, when DT comes back up. This would at least permit me to make the best of each crash. As is, I feel like I am crashing on the same files every time, and I’m not sure how to discover these filenames without recourse to the manual methods which have been explained on these forums.

I’ve tried exporting and re-importing small chunks at a time. But, assuming that I’m not missing something here, the advice to Verify & Repair doesn’t help those of us who already have extensive (1TB+) databases, and desperately want to search through the content. Verify & Repair just crashes too. I can do searches through filenames no problem, and even searches through the content of individual folders, but not the entire db. Crashes almost every time.

That said, I want to say that I do believe that DEVONThink is revolutionary software. My database is an extension of my mind, and I’d be quite lost without it, by now. There is no other way to deal with extremely complex subject matters – except, perhaps, concept maps.

1 TB? :open_mouth:

As DEVONthink is still a 32-bit application, up to 300,000 items and up to 200-300 million total words are recommended per database or in all concurrently opened databases right now (some users are successfully using much larger databases but that depends heavily on the contents).

Therefore I’d suggest to split the database and not to open all of the splitted databases concurrently until a 64-bit version will be available later this year.

Oh, I can’t wait to see a 64bit devonthink. Devonthink is the first program that has actually pushed my needs to requiring 64bits…Glad to hear it is in the works!