Request for white paper

As DTPro has evolved - now Office (!) it has become more of a daily part of my work. Having recently spent many hours re-cataloging and backing up ~6,000 digital photo files, I am acutely tuned to the importance of preplanning and backup.

Like many, I am using one DT database on a main computer and then accessing it from my laptop. I can do this by copying the database back and forth using my web server or iDisk. (I could simply leave my main Mac on all the time and access via wifi, but I don’t like to do this. If anyone out there thinks this is stupid - please convince me otherwise!)

This of course adds some confusion as to which database to backup, and how to go about it. I am running two external Firewire hard drives, so there is where I will back up, with probably a mothly backup to CD or DVD.

I recently upgraded to DTPro Office, really without studying what it brought to me, just upgrading a program I use all the time. Other than the email conduit, I don’t see much new for my typical use. (Acrobat already does a pretty good job of OCR.)

To me it would be beneficial for some basic interface and database focus. This is getting to be an expensive program (vs competition) and it should offer some stronger backup, networking, customization, and input improvements.