Request: implement SingleFile for web clipping

Thanks for the pointer. There does not seem to be any user-friendly software using that format though (and SingleFile has the immense advantage to be read natively in DT since it’s a standard HTML file).

I meant more that if the DEVONtechnologies team are going to implement something other than Apple web archives, WARC or MHTML might work better than SingleFile.

(Personally I tend to clip things as clutter-free Markdown.)

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I’m confused. Is there any reason DEVONthink needs to “support” SingleFile? As far as I am concerned, all that needs to be done is for someone to write an implementation for iOS, so clipping from the phone becomes possible. The rest seems to be already in place?

It would need to be an option on the clippers, both on Mac and iOS, maybe side by side with Webarchives. It would just be a matter of integrating the library into the software, yes (since the format is documented and the tools exist).