Request: Mac OS X Packages non-interpretation

Please note that I do not suggest that the team needs to speed up any work they’re doing to somehow magically read any files it does not already. I bought iWork to get Keynote, and I want Keynote to do Keynote. That’s enough.

But I sure do wish that I could import a Keynote file (or a Pages file) and have it recognized as a file rather than a directory. Sure, I understand that they actually are directories (Packages) that Mac OS X so kindly displays as a single file. It’s even the very convenient structure that DT Pro uses, right?

I’d happily take the burden on myself. I’d even do it via an edit of a preference file somewhere (though, of course, once you open that door, some later user will complain about not having it easier). But I wish I could specify .pages and .key packages to be interpreted by DTPro as individual files, and not directories. That way, I could use DTPro as a means to really organize my work, as a launching point from whence I’ll go to work in Keynote or Pages, and to where I’ll return once that work is completed. Just like I could do now with, for instance, OmniOutliner files, or Excel spreadsheets.

Again, I’m not asking that you in any way read or interpret the “files”, but that I have some way to have DTPro acknowledge the packages as a single file, just as the Finder does.

I agree, and it’s a topic I’ve seen here a few times so I think there is some one working on this. Currently, I stuff (.sitx) my Pages, etc documents and drop them into DTP. At least I can find them when I need them and it’s just that extra step of exporting them and unstuffing prior to using them.

I don’t even import the files into my database. I just want to be able to link to them. For me, they’re working files, so stuffing/unstuffing is impracticable. But, for some purposes, you have presented a nice workaround (well, nicer than no workaround, but not nearly as nice as a solution!).

Until this will be improved, you could use the script I’ve posted in this thread:

Save the script (e.g. as “Link to unknown packages.scpt”) and add it to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro.

Christian, The script works like a dream, and does exactly what I had wanted. It’s not as convenient as a full solution, but it does allow me to link to a package file. Thank you!

Sorry I didn’t find it myself; I searched the archive before posting, but alas… at least I served to remind that it’s a problem which needs a better long-term solution.

thanks again!


See my post at about a simple trick to both link to and capture the text of unsupported file types.