Request: Multiple File View... kinda

Hi, I just subscribed to suggest a new feature for DEVONNote & co., which I (and probably others) would find very convenient. I have not seen this feature in any other application yet. I will try to describe it:

I would like to view the content of subsequent documents located in a folder in one view, so I can scroll through them, and click into text-documents and edit them.

For this one could define a new kind of smart Folder, say ‘Book’, which has the symbol of a book. (Just a suggestion.) All the content of the folder then is displayed one after the other in the view, separated by a thin line. Even more convenient would be to be able to toggle the view of each document in that special folder separately, so that either its content or only the filename is shown.

This way of viewing multiple documents would increase the overview over related documents and one would not need to either click through related files in a folder or copy the whole content into one single file for overview.

The idea thus is to let the directory structure work as an enhanced table of contents in which the files are in fact the content of a paragraph, section or chapter. The ability to toggle the view of a single file would enable the user to hide the content one is not interested in at the moment and to only view say the three paragraphs of interest and to easily jump between them.

Best wishes,

To illustrate, what I mean, I have made a small PhotoShop editing. It is just a suggestion, how it could look like…

I do not say that the working solution shall just look the same, it is but a suggestion. What do you think?

Thanks for the suggestion, a 2.x release might add something similar (but it will probably not be part of 2.0).