Request on Mail Import

I’m still trying to get my mail archive into a new database working the way I want it to and I have a couple of questions and a request.

First the questions:

Within Apple Mail I have 19 different e-mail accounts and a number of rules that funnel messages to 46 different folders. Initially I archived all my email using the import email window and went folder by folder doing an archive mailbox. Now as I’m trying to keep this database updated with the new stuff the window for importing shows a different number of messages than the folder in the database even after I do an archive again. For example in Apple mail the folder Reference has 30614messages, the import screen using the DTPO tool shows 96511 messages in that folder and the DTPO database Reference folder only shows 29967 messages in it.

Why is this and how do I verify that ALL messages have been properly saved into the database?

What is the proper way to get the new messages into the database after the initial archive? Should I continue to archive the mail folder with hide imported, deleted and junk selected? Or should I just select all and then use the import button still with the hide imported, deleted and junk selected

Second the request: I would really like to have a way to command select a number of folders and then perform the archive or import of new stuff on all of them. The Import window only allows selection of a single folder at a time and that means it’s very cumbersome to try to update all the folders to gather all the various new filed messages.

In an ideal world once I did the initial collection of messages I should be able to set up all the folders I want to continue to collect messages from and with a single simple selection get all new messaged imported to my DTPO database from those folders. I want to ignore the folders where I put ads and news, action support and waiting for messages because those are “active” folders and their contents are only there temporarily. All I really want to save into the database are the reference folders I have defined.

Even better would be a way to set up an automatic update of the database to happen on some set schedule so I don’t even have to remember to go in and update all the folders but that may be beyond what DTPO can do even if scripted.

I have a small Mailbox for a support account. DEVONthink’s Import says there’s 22 emails for import in the Inbox. Mail says there are 21. Doing a Mailbox > Rebuild in Mail re-downloads… 22 emails, and still displays “Inbox (21 messages)”. But… emptying Mail’s Trash and doing another rebuild yields… 21 messages and DEVONthink also shows 21 messages.

You shouldn’t need to select any of the emails in the File > Import > Email window. You should be able to just select the Mailbox and hit the Archive Mailbox button again. Previously imported emails should be excluded.

This doesn’t make any sense to me. Rebuild doesn’t download messages, there is no place to down load them from. All my messages are on my computer.

Thanks. Is there any way to select several mailboxes at the same time?

The point is the Trash is being included in the information Mail reports back to DEVONthink. The downloading on Rebuild shows that Mail also includes the Trash in part of its count.

No, there isn’t.

OK But if I empty the trash, shut down and re start mail, and do the archive on all mailboxes the numbers are still way off.

Also, trying to run the script to export a daily backup archive is taking forever, so far it’s been running for over 45 minutes and still get the spinning beachball. The message is zipping.

My mail database is showing that it has about 80k records and is about 14.3GB in size.

edited to update the time running

Compressing 14GB+ is no small feat. This doesn’t seem extraordinary to me.