Request: selecting Annotation Pane columns

It would be useful if the Annotation Pane displayed a heads-up of what is in the annotation. Here’s an example of what I see:

If I copy and paste the text from the Annotation Pane into a note, here’s what I see:

The information that comes after the date is the useful part, so I know it is there, it just isn’t visible. Is there a way to change this?

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No. Development would have to assess and decide this. Cheers!

Thanks, Blue. I hope they will give it serious consideration. Referencing the annotated text is extremely useful, the rest not so much, imho.

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The next beta will display the details, the contents (e.g. of a text note or the highlighted string) or the author (e.g. of lines, ovals etc.) instead of displaying always the author.

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