Request: Show all items in subfolders when collapsed


It would be nice if I could see all items in all subfolders of a current folder if I selected it when it was collapsed. For example, if I have something like this:

Personal (33)
Misc (15)
Photography (16)

It would be nice if I could click on Personal (when it was collapsed) and view all items in the Misc and Photography folders, rather than having to individually navigate to them. This sort of functionality is alread present in StickyBrain and Hog Bay Notebook, and it makes things a bit easier to get to. Otherwise if I bury something 9 levels deep, it requires a ton of work to actually dig it out, making search the only really viable option :wink:


I’m quite interesting in any DT (Pro) usability issues but don’t use StickyBrain or Hog Bay Notebook and I’m having trouble visualizing what you’re requesting …

In your example, are Misc and Photography subgroups of Personal? And which view (e.g. Vertical Split) are you in when you click on Personal? And might a command-click on an expand/collapse triangle be helpful?

While fiddling with commands/views after reading your post I noticed the Expand/Collapse All commands (when applicable to the current view) operate on the entire database(!) rather than the selected group(s). That makes them (and their keyboard shortcuts) rather useless during keyboard-navigating through the database.

I agree with CatOne that the options for the naviagtion/orientation in the group hierarchy should be enhanced. Maybe similar to the way the Finder does with dragging: holding the mouse for a longer time over the group icon opens the sublevel (or like this). And it would be helpful for small screens if during “classify” in the drawer one could on pointing to the group icon watch the hierarchy-tree of the specific groups suggested, because e.g. there are similar group names at the ends.

I am still using DEVONnote, but I guess this things are the same in DT. In DN, the behaviour got worse with the update to 1.7: when making new gropus or notes, the group in the sidebar often collapses, forcing me to open it level by level again before I can enter titel and content of the note. I hold this a bug, or can someone explain this as a feature to me?