Request: Smoother processing of files in the background

Maybe it’s a symptom of the size of my database (over 80GB with 13k documents that are indexed) – but I have noticed that the app is slowing down. In particular, whenever a file is added or edited, the app pauses for 2-3 seconds, disabling me from doing anything else until that task is done—searching, typing, adding tags etc—and often even interrupts those activities, e.g., what I type will be jumbled up. Will future versions of Devonthink address this? It seems an issue with Devonthink processing files in the background.

A screenshot of File > Database Properties would be useful. In addition, are the indexed files located in cloud folders or network volumes? And where are the databases located? Finally, how much RAM does your Mac have? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 05.38.37

Databases are located and synchronized on Dropbox


Do you mean that? So you are not just indexing files on DB but have actually moved the database file(s) from you local drive to DB?

I think so? The native files that are indexed are in Dropbox folders.

Thanks for the screenshots! The database contains a huge number of words, exceeding already the recommended limits of 200-300 millions. In addition, are most of the PDF documents books?

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But are the databases themselves ) which do not contain the indexed files) located on Dropbox?

Ah, hadn’t realize there was a recommended limit. Yes, most PDF documents are books. The database is organized around two main folders (1) archival materials of photos and scanned documents (“Archives”) and (2) PDFs of books and articles (“PDF Library”). I do most of my searches in PDF library folder. Would moving those files in that folder to its own dedicated database speed things up?

how do I find this out, i.e. the location of my databases?

Option-Click the database in the sidebar and select Show in Finder.

The database appears to be outside Dropbox; it is located in my computer’s hard drive, if I’m reading it correctly. What does this configuration say about the issue?
Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 06.12.26

That it isn’t part of the issue :slight_smile:

(DT strongly discourage storing the database on a cloud drive, as this can cause issues such as loss of data; this was why I was worried when I read that your databases are on DB.)