Request: switch off "Added" notification

I’d like to be able to turn off the “Added” notification which is triggered whenever a document is imported to DT. Obviously I can choose not to allow notifications via the system preferences, but I’d like to be more granular than that.

Generally I know that a document has just been added to DT (I put it there…!), so the “Added” notification is not useful to me; but I use smart rules and scripts to recognise and categorise many documents - and all those rules provide feedback via notifications (such as: document xyz renamed to abc and filed to group efg) - those notifications are helpful, because with a quick glance I can be sure the right rule triggered the right action. Because of the additional “Added” notification I receive two notifications for most files. That’s one too many :smiley:

I’d also like to be able to do this!

Not every import triggers this, how do you import things?

I thought that might be the case; in my case i notice the „Added“ notification when I clip from Safari.

The notification should indeed be shown after e.g. using services or clipping websites as DEVONthink is usually in the background in these cases. Therefore the notification just confirms a successful import (and allows to jump to the imported item).

Yeah, I wasn’t doubting the utility for some ppl; just suggesting it would be good if the notification could be turned off (a hidden preference, maybe). :sunglasses: