Request: sync with DTGO in background, multithreaded


May I put in a request for future versions of DT/DTTG to be able to sync in the background, such that DEVONthink databases on my computer do not get “frozen” (i.e. unusable) as syncing takes place between the computer and iOS devices?

Many thanks,

Thank you for this suggestion. Unfortunately our present approach is to sync ‘live’ databases (on both desktop and device). That is, we would need to make a copy of the databases/files in both applications and then sync those to allow you to continue to edit/modify your data while syncing is taking place. This would appear to be possible on the desktop, but for users with large data stores, this would be very slow and potentially not even possible on the device. Please file a bug report with this feature request and we will consider our ability to offer this functionality in future releases.