request to fix Devonthink "freeze" issues

Devonthink becomes unusable for a non-negligible amount of time when importing, indexing and emptying trash (in which cases a small window appear with a progress bar) and also often when using the “see also” function.
I understand those tasks might be cpu-demanding or else, but wouldn’t it be possible to have them work in the background (or as animated icon in the bar, or something similar for the first three examples) so that the software keeps being usable during this time?
Even for the “see also” function, just being able to keep scrolling and reading the current document for the few seconds it takes to show the results would definitely add some fluidity for the user experience (even if it has to take ‘some’ time to show the results, having a rolling wheel in the see also window instead of rendering the mouse/software unavailable would be great).

Just three more quick requests:

  • when I use “clip to devonthink” in firefox, it then takes me to devonthink. Wouldn’t it be possible to just leave the browser in front and not interrupting what I was up to?
  • Also, wouln’t it be possible to NOT have the sync window always showing up and distracting me? Couldn’t be sync more like evernote style (I know your software is incomparable to evernote, but let them have at least a couple of good things…) with just an animated icon in the bar or something similar for which the status is at the same time instantly checkable and non-distracting?
  • also +1 to previous requests of automatic background update of indexed folders…


Just to add that I know that the fact that the “see also” function is not instant is related to the size of my database. But the time it takes is not my issue here (although faster would always be nicer), and I’m not going to split my database: I’d just like to not have the software/mouse frozen during this time!

Select Help > DEVONthink (current edition) Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden preferences and click the On link under DisableActivityWindow.

You are acknowledging a likely part of the problem and there is only so much the app can do with the resources available to it.

I absolutely understand that, and like I said I don’t mind the fact that it might take time to import, delete or show the results of the “see also” function, but isn’t there any way to make the app not freeze (and in the case of importing, to not show the small window in front) while processing the documents (like a background importing)?