Request: "Trash" Folder for Deleted Files and Grou

The other day, I mis-keyed a keyboard shortcut (tendinitis makes this not uncommon) and accidentally deleted one of my main DTpro files! Argh! I must have accidentally typed the keyboard shortcut for the “Delete” or “Delete All Instances” command… There was no confirmation; my file was just gone!

It was especially frustrating to see that Undo wasn’t available! I’d love to see deleted files moved into a special “Trash” folder that is emptied via a new “Empty Trash” command. I restored from the previous day’s backup (I backup daily), but still needed to re-enter my changes from earlier that day.

I’ve since used the Keyboard & Mouse system preference pane to re-map the DEVONthink Pro “Delete” and “Delete All Instances” to weird, long keyboard shortcuts that are almost impossible to type (“⌃⌥⇪⌘-” and “⌃⌥⇪⌘0”…).

I understand Undo might be a version 2 feature, but would a Trash folder be possible sooner?

Thanks in advance.

Done this as well myself. In my case, I had a folder highlighted, then I used Expose to go to the folder and hit “delete” to try and delete something from the desktop (it appeared highlighted). Well, I blew away the folder in DT because it had focus.

Poof… there I was, restoring from backup… only took me 30 minutes to get back to where I was but it could have been worse :slight_smile:

A trash folder or something would be very useful. I’ve only been on DT for two days and I already accidentally said “ok” when I didn’t mean to.

Is it just me or does the “Delete” action not confirm if you click it while a group is selected?

I did it once on accident just a little bit ago and said “wtf?” and tried it again with a new, empty directory, and it didn’t ask me to confirm.

That scares the hell out of me, even though I do back up almost every time I finish working on a document.

The confirmation does not appear if the only selected item is an empty group. But if contents or non-empty groups are selected, a confirmation should definitely appear.

I’d also like a trash folder. It’d save the time of having to hit OK when I actually want to delete something and save me the headache when I do it accidentally.

I recently read an interesting article about why undo is better than a warning.

Let me add my voice to this chorus.

I just did some work, then deleted a “text”, only to find that the focus was actually on a group.

Bill has given a recovery procedure in another thread, but having a trash or undo delete, as are available in other applications, seems preferable.