Request--what should highlight when renaming a file

When I scan a document it shows up in my In Box with a automatically generated name, so I always need to rename the file when I classify it.

When you click twice on a file name in the Finder, it highlights the file name but not the extension, which makes it easy to rename the file without changing its type. I wish that DevonThink would do the same, and not highlight the extension, see attached.

Or is there an easier way to rename the files that I am not aware of?


The only workaround right now is to import files without extension, see Preferences > Import.

As of v2.0.2, that workaround has potential import/export side effects that some people may want to be aware of. Edit: removed link to private topic; see my followup post.

Hey sjk, could you elaborate? When I click on your link, i get a “not authorized” message.

Fooey! I’ll fix that in a sec; thanks for letting me know. I mistakenly linked to that private beta subforum topic… again. :blush:

I’d sure appreciate if a moderator would move that topic to a public subforum since I think it’s of general interest. I could re-post my posts from it, but some include quoted replies so I’m not sure if I’d have to remove them.

Or, with appropriate permission I’d be happy to repost a printable view of the entire thread.