Request: wiki linking support in DTTG's new Markdown text editor

Hi there. Like most everyone else, I’m very excited about DTTG 3.5 coming out - I’ve been waiting eagerly for the improved Markdown text editing experience that I had seen teased in this forum and you all have delivered - thanks! :tada: Copy Item Link as Markdown in particular is a really subtle but nice touch - the copy menu is one of my favorites from DTTG in general.

One feature I had hoped would land in DTTG’s new text editor was support for wiki-linking, on par with DEVONthink for Mac’s. Ideally it would support search-as-you-type with matching document names as soon as you type e.g. [[ in the editor, but even just rendering the [[..]] style links as tappable links in the WYSIWYG (non-edit) view would be great for my use cases.

I’d be fine with a limitation like it only predicting and/or rendering links for matching documents in the same database (I think this is how DEVONthink for Mac operates with wiki-links).

I know I could use “proper” Markdown []() links, either with DEVONthink item links or relative paths, but I’m an Obsidian/Logseq user (with my notes from these apps indexed into DEVONthink) so I’d prefer to continue using wiki-links for optimal compatibility (but be able to edit these notes with DTTG’s new great editor on iOS / iPadOS).

thanks in advance!


Thanks for the comments and feedback.
This is on our radar but first things first :slight_smile:


Copy Item Link as markdown is great.



I thought _Copy Item Link as Markdown" would come on 3.8.4.

It did not. :unamused:

If you look at the version history, I think you’ll see there were many, many things - 111 items in fact. That’s a ton of accomplishment :slight_smile:

Please accept my congratulations, and my apologies for not acknowledging the expressive list of accomplishments. I stand corrected.

We haven’t even received such a request. Do you edit your Markdown documents in external editors? Inside DEVONthink this should be rarely necessary.


Thanks for asking.

  1. On the IOS app, there is the option Copy Item Link as Markdown
  2. The very same option is not available on the Mac app.
  3. It would be handy to have it on the Mac app

That’s why I asked how you’re editing your Markdown documents.

It is handy to add links to documents to the Calendar, to other note taking apps, spreadsheets, etc.

Good for the work-flow, if available.


Devonthink has the best

  • Webclipper
  • OCR
  • Search
  • Tagging
  • Email archiving
  • File cataloging (table of contents …)
  • Etc

Markdown links to documents in Devonthink are a bliss fir “linked workflows” of all sorts.

This script might be useful:

To add on that: this can easily be achieved with scripting tools like Keyboard Maestro which watch what’s on your clipboard e.g. when copy-pasting in a specific app like DT

Thank you for your suggestion.

I stand behind my suggestion, which is to add Copy Item Link as Markdown Link to the Mac app.

Maybe the suggestion will be accepted and be made available in one of the next releases.

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Thank you. I will find out how to make it happen.

Alternative solution - :man_technologist:

  1. Copy Item Link as Markdown Link - on iPhone :iphone:
  2. ⌘V - on Mac :computer: