I have had to stop using another of my favourite apps Ulysses because it has gone to subscription. I have a policy of no recurring subscriptions for any software.

Can I request please the Devonthink does not go down this route…I rely on it so much.I don’t mind paying for upgrades though.

Thanks for the feedback! There are currently no plans to make our apps subscription only, we might offer this as an option some day.

I agree completely with the OP, subscriptions are profitable for software companies but for users are IMHO quite simply a rip-off especially so if they have already purchased the application. An example; I like many have abandoned Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop because of their subscription policy and the result is that I have purchased a different company’s software which does not have exactly the same capabilities but which does provide others that are more suited to my needs. Indeed paradoxically it is those very capabilities that Adobe offer that my new software, (the DxO suite) doe not offer that has in my opinion facilitated better end results in my photographs! Whilst using Adobe I never even thought that other software would do a better job for me.

So thanks you for your statement that there are no plans to make your products subscription only. :slight_smile:

And that’s another app I have to migrate away from. I rather pay for major versions when I am ready to than be forced into a subscription biased setup. I dislike this subscription model that the world is trying to move towards to.

Just my opinion: if everyone is expecting a one-off payment with updates as regular as DT, how can we support/encourage their developers to keep updating/adding new functionalities. It’s just like medical insurance, those who don’t need some of the suggested/new features inevitably need to share the costs for those who need them.

I am not saying that my opinion is 100% correct, but I think subscription model is the way to keep a good app getting better all the time.