Requesting Help to Create New Template

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a template of a rich text file with these settings: to have the date and the time created to be the filename; and then inside the file, I want it to display this heading: “Date: [Current date and time]”

Anyone know how to do that?

edit: Also can I permanently hide the toolbar, because each time I pop out the rich text file the toolbar scales back into view?

Templates support lots of placeholders (both in the filename and in the text), e.g. %time%, %date%, %shortDate%, %longDate%, %day%, %month%, %year%, %weekday% and %monthname%.

Therefore the text of the template could like this:

Date: %date% %time%

And the filename like this:

%year%-%month%-%day% %time%.rtf

Awesome! Thank you!! Is it possible to change the filename but not affect the naming script, like the way the Journal Entry template is?

Also, could the toolbar when popping out a file be set to be permanently hidden?

If you don’t want to see the Toolbar, click on View in the menubar and choose “Hide Toolbar”.

Right, but when I close one file and open or pop out another file the header comes back into view. I’m wondering if I could save the setting of hiding the toolbar when going from document to document.

The toolbar that’s shown is related to the type of document that’s opened in a window – the RTF toolbar is different than the PDF toolbar, and so on. If an RTF document is open in a separate window and the toolbar is hidden there (Tools > Hide Toolbar), then subsequent windows opened with RTFs will also have a hidden RTF toolbar. But, if a PDF is opened in another window, the PDF toolbar will show — until the PDF toolbar is hidden. The hidden/shown status seems to persist after DEVONthink is quit and then launched.

At least, when I tested this over here before posting my response, this is the way it’s working on my machine.

You’re correct, in windowed mode, but not when the app is full screened (I should have clarified this before, my mistake). When DEVONthink is full screened, any supported document that is opened also becomes full screened. So when I open an RTF file, the toolbar scales back into view as the window changes into full screen view. It’s not that big of a deal, but it can be annoying at times.

Thanks for looking out, Korm, I sincerely appreciate that.

Unless I am misunderstanding what you are saying, that’s not been my experience with either the window mode or the toolbar visibility. I run DEVONthink full screen all the time, and by default documents open in their own window within the full-screen environment, not as a full-screen window (you can full-screen the document window with command-F7). I also have toolbars turned off for everything, but for the main window and the only thing I have in that toolbar is the search box. I never see any documents open with a visible toolbar. Here is a screen shot of a newly created RTF document, opened in its own window with no visible toolbar. Is this the behavior that you are wanting, or am I misunderstanding?

Thanks for the consideration Greg. You get my point very well. But I’m finding this very unusual that we can have different experiences with this. Here’s a link to my screencast on YouTube that shows that the toolbar doesn’t hide after setting it off during one session of DT, and still after quitting and restarting DT (sorry for the poor quality — I’ll mind the settings the next time I create a screencast).

That is indeed curious. I’ve never seen that behavior before, but I also seldom zoom any documents in DEVONthink to full-screen mode. I did just try to follow the steps that it appears you used in the video and I still cannot replicate the behavior. Does this still happen when using v 2.5?

… and also, @Afrosheen, does the behavior in the video happen when you use the command-F7 shortcut that Greg suggested above. (It’s not obvious in the video.) It seems, too, that the app isn’t really full screen – I see the “exit full screen” icon, but there are margins around DEVONthink’s windows – but maybe that’s an artifact of the screen capture utility you use.

@Greg: Yes, after updating the behavior persists. But thanks for the heads up on the update. The app didn’t alert me of it.

@Korm: The windows are full screen. Those are the artifacts from not setting the video at a higher quality.

I’m going to chalk this up to another one of Mac’s problems with the OS. I think something with the saving of the settings has gone screwy. Same kind of problem with saving keyboard shortcuts. I posted this problem on the AppleHelp forums but I guess Tim Cook fired all the technicians and support 'cause no one replied.