Requirement to buy an extra licence to move DT3 from one Mac to another?

I have a new Mac and want to move DT3 from my old Mac to my new Mac.

It seems I have to buy an extra licence to move the instance.

Is that true?

I cannot see any other way of setting up DT3 on my new Mac without deleting the old Mac.

Funnily enough, I’d like to set up the new Mac and ensure it is working before deleting the instance on the old Mac.

Is there any way to do this?


I don’t believe so. Your licence should permit you have to two seats (log in to your account to ensure you have a spare). Once you have set up the new machine you can de-authorise the seat on your old Mac so that you still have one spare seat.


Thanks Stephen_C.

I’ve paid for three licences and need them all. One on an old Mac I am seeking to move to a new Mac.

But after clearing some notifications, I’ve noticed in the top right of the newly installed DT3 on my new Mac that there is a trial period of 30 days. Perhaps that holds the key.

If I set up my syncs from the new Mac to one of the continuing Macs I should then be able to decommission the old one and licence the new one.

I’ll try that, but if you think this is flawed, please let me know.

You need to go to your account (login), where you will need to go to the section headed Your Licences, select DEVONthink, and then deselect your previous Mac under Devices/Edit, freeing up a seat on your license which you can then use for the new Mac.

Alternatively, if you still have access to DEVONthink on your old Mac, open it and select DEVONthink > License… > Remove, which will also free up your license for you to enter it in the same location on your new Mac.

You might find this post helpful if you want to migrate preferences etc. to the new Mac, if you have not already done so (e.g. using the macOS migration assistant, which I think I read here somewhere does the job for you).

There are a number of ways to do that - including the ones already listed.

Among the simplest though - you could backup your database(s) to an external hard drive or thumb drive and then move those to your new computer. Deactivate DT3 on your old computer (done on the Devonthink website) and activate it on the new one. Install DT3 and open your databases.