requirements for capture

What has to be running for the Safari bookmarklet to work? Does the sorter have to be running? Can I capture web pages as editable rtf documents? (I don’t seem to be able to).

What about text clippings from other apps such as Mail. Services management has greatly improved in Snow Leopard, but now it isn’t apparent which hotkey goes with which app!

How about a bookmarklet that saves a web page as editable rtf, which one gets via copy and paste?

The DT bookmarklets need to have DT running.

In Safari you can use File > Save As… and save a page as a web archive to the DT Inbox without DT running. When DT is next opened, the document will appear in the Inbox. Inside DT, web archives can be converted to editable RTF using Data > Convert or the Convert item in the context menu.

As you know, how well web archives convert to RTF depends on lots of factors outside DTPO’s control.

(See here for info on the Global Inbox)