research using postings to Moodle forums

Part of my preparation for some presentations has involved text searches of various forums for WeBWorK, an open-source system to provide online homework in mathematics and other sciences. Recent discussions at
have about 1000 threads.

I would like to use DEVONthink Pro Office to improve research using those messages. What data format(s) should I request from a colleague who administers the system with those discussions? Which scripts might aid my importing those threaded discussions into a DtP database? In the short run, retaining cross-references between threads can be deferred, but enabling links to external pages on our wiki ( is very desirable.

If I am successful in creating a workable DtPO database, then I will demonstrate it at a development workshop during the second week of August. (An augmented or auxiliary database could include postings to the mailing list being used by developers.)