Reset hits in DT3

Is there a way to reset the hits counter? I don’t see anything, maybe there is a script but it should be available in th GUI as well.

No, hits are not accessible via AppleScript. @cgrunenberg would be great if that could be added.

What would be the point of resetting the hit count?

I don’t want to reset them, but a property that lets me get the count would be handy, e.g. for sorting.

Well most of the time I work on several markdown documents over a couple of days and each time I add content to those documents DT3 counts a hit. Normally this should be ok, but in my case I filter other documents based on hit count and in this special case “work in progress” documents are always top hits (which isn’t what I want to see). And 2nd. to be honest hit counters are meta data as well which I what to control. So edit, reset or excluding from hit count should be possible.

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No promises but the request is noted.

Thank you.