Resetting DTG with new WebDAV server

I switched hosting services and have made a new WebDAV connection to manage syncing my DT stores. I’m confident that my Mac database are up to date and backed up. I’m ready to pass them up to my new WebDAV configuration.

What’s the best practice for syncing up DTG? Should I just delete the app, re-download it and initiate a sync or is there a better way to go?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

– Robert

Why would you want to delete the app? You could simply add the new WebDAV location to DTTG’s preferences on your iDevice. Just make sure that the parameters are the same as on the desktop side, then DTTG should sync all by itself. As long as it is running – that’s one of the caveats with syncing on i*OS. It doesn’t run in the background.