Resizable tags bar

[*]I’m an academic, and recently started using DEVONthink for both research and teaching (e.g., one database that indexes my Papers research database; another that holds possible readings for a class). Since my DT files need to play nice with other software, I use an extensive hierarchy of OpenMeta tags (e.g., science_studies contains both history_of_science and philosophy_of_science; philosophy_of_science contains philosophy_of_physics, philosophy_of_biology, causation, and science_and_policy). It’s thus common for files to have 10+ tags, and many of the tags have rather long names.

The tags bar across the bottom of a document view is pretty good as-is, but the fact that it’s not resizable means that often tags run off the edge indefinitely and there’s no easy way to scroll across the list. It would be great if either (a) the tags bar automatically resized to show all of the tags of the current document, (b) the tags bar could be manually resized by the user as needed (or not), or © the tags bar functioned as a drawer (c.f. the Words drawer and See Also & Classify drawer), with a scrollable list of tags and a space to add new tags.