Resize photos in docs?

One of my groups involves screenshots of various apps. Into each doc I drag a .png, but am unable to resize the pictures once they get into the document.

I know I can resize them using a 3rd party app BEFORE I drag them into the DT document, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to do it once they’re in the doc. And if not, would you consider this for future upgrades?

(I used to do this when I used Circus Ponies’ Notebook, and it was a nice feature.)

You can’t directly do an image resize in DT Pro’s text editor.

But if I want to double or halve the size of an image in a rich text document, here’s what I do:

[1] Select the image and copy it to the clipboard.

[2] Select Data > New with clipboard (Command-N) to create a new (temporary) document that’s an image document.

[3] Select DT Pro’s Scripts > Image and either double or halve the size of the image as preferred.

[4] Copy the image to the clipboard. Then replace the existing image in the original document by pressing Command-V to paste in the resized image. (And delete the temporary image file created in step [2].)

If I need more options, I’ll paste the image into a new image in, e.g., Graphics Converter and modify the image there, then copy it to the clipboard and paste the revised image into the DT Pro document, replacing the original image. Graphics Converter will let me trim and resize the image and modify characteristics such as sharpness, contrast, etc. as well. I often need to do such editing for screenshots.