Resolved >DTP 2.0.3: unable to open DB after install crashed


I have installed the new version of DT Pro 2.0.3. During the step “Install and Restart”, the app quit and crashed.
Now, when relaunching manually the app, I get a message telling that 2 databases are already in use and I press “Continue” for each of them.
But I do not get the same message for a 3rd database (wich also opens per default) and DT Pro tries to “initialize and verify it”… in an endless way… until I have to force the application to quit.

I am in a situation where a database seems to be corrupted without any chance to lauch the application to repair it since I do not have access to any features menu.

Help is welcome.

Thank you!


I recovered a 2 days old backup of the “corrupted” database and it works fine now.

Thank you Time Machine :slight_smile:

Same here, update to version 2.03 and was unable to opem database. I restored a copy from July 14th.

This happende although I follwed what was advised in the update notes. That’s verify and repair database.