RESOLVED: Is “Take Control of DEVONthink” file ok?

I am going on a trip this week and wanted to take with me on my iOS devices the Take Control book. Downloaded fresh copy. On both iphone and ipad the device reports in Books app insufficient space but in fact plenty of space. Even the much larger and fresh download DEVONthink Manual epub loads fine. Has the book become broken or is it me?

To test this, I download the current version of TCoD 3 onto my MacBook (Sonoma), let it sync for a while, then opened the book in Apple Books on iOS 17 without issues. Maybe an iCloud burp? Wouldn’t be unusual.

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I downloaded it via mobile Safari on my iPhone then opened it from It moved into and opened without incident here.

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I hope your issues get worked out; the download works for me

I have a question about the best formats for these records
For me, these manuals are stored in my Devonthink database
tagged with *Type-Manual”; in readable .pdf format
For those using the .epub versions, what are the benefits?

I’m now guessing it’s iCloud (or something). I’m on my iMac in the Books app and it loads ok. Or something in iOS. Dunno. I’ll give iCloud plenty of time to sync up or whatever.

Apologies for the red herring.

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For me, for these sorts of things, if the publisher offers multiple formats I take the PDF and ePUB versions. I put all these files into my “Books” database in DEVONthink.

I tend to read the PDFs with DEVONthink, or maybe Preview, or maybe PDFPen. Whatever. Not an important decision.

I have not taken time to explore epub readers so I just use the Apple Books app. The way that app works is that it takes a copy of any book I open and puts it into the app’s “database” Library. So its a duplicate of whats stored in DEVONthink, but I don’t care. For reading on iOS devices it sometimes is a better experience to read the ePUB version as the “readability” is better for me than PDFs.

All that being said I’m not “hard-coded” on anything here. My attention is more on the books and their content.

So, yea, I’m not declaring a “best” which is what you asked for. I just go with the flow.

In summary

  • store everything in DEVONthink
  • use in whatever feels right at the time

Not sure how you define this, but remember that not all space is available for storage – the system itself needs space to breathe and swap things out.

on iphone 123gb of 256gb used and on iPad 103gb of 256 used … I call that “plenty”. :wink: