RESOLVED: Saving Markdown of Web sites works differently iOS vs. mac OSX

I prefer to save most of the web pages I wish to retain in Clutter-free Markdown. I’m typically only interested in the text as i can always go back to the source when/if needed. If I want the images I save differently (save images, PDF, etc.). For some web sites I find what works perfectly on iOS doesn’t work for the same web page in macOSX.

Example is: Off-Ramp for U.S.: Russian Disarmament | National Review

Using the “share” button in iOS works well and as expected. Even when logged in to my account on the web site (in Safari and in DEVONthink), when I use share button to “Add to DEVONthink” the result in clutter-free MD clips off (probably controlled by web site). Same result using Chrome’s DEVONthink clip tool.

I can provide screen shots of the two samples, if useful.

This normal? Anything I can do about it?

Browser extensions are recommended as they provide more useful data than sharing. Are you able to reproduce this issue using a website which does not require a login?

I have browser extension for Safari installed and activated. Same result if I click on the icon (square with up arrow and pick “add to DEVONthink 3”) or if I click on the DEVONthink icon (snail with a +) in the Safari Toolbar (which goes to the same place).

I’ve never noticed it on non-login sites. See same thing happens on WSJ which is login controlled also. Fine on iOS but clipped on macOSX.

I’ve never seen this happen on a non-login page. But I accept that it might happen on the very complex dynamic sites. For those sites I regularly visit, some with logins and some not, works find on both iOS and macOSX.

Only this uses the browser extension, the other icon is the system-wide sharing.

What exactly is clipped, the contents?

Tail between legs here …

Using the “snail” icon, to find out what would happen to “fix” this “problem” I relied on the Preview button… Preview showed clipped page after a couple of paragraphs.

BUT, if I went ahead and pressed the “Add” button to save it into DEVONthink on macOSX, all well.

My oops. Definitely a learning.

(Months of trying to make it work before finally deciding to ask … oh well).

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Thanks for the feedback, an upcoming release might improve the preview.