Restart from where you left


I like when software starts, by presenting me the same document I was working on the last time I shut it. And with the cursor at the same exact position.

Is this a possible addition (at least as an option) to DT?


In Preferences/General you can set DT to open windows that were open when you quit the program; don’t believe it returns you to the exact cursor point though.

Hi JR,

While windows others than the main window are re-opened, the group/documents that were selected are not. Or, at least, I cannot find an option to do it.

To be clearer, here is what I would like DT to do:

  1. In the main window, select a group and a document, and write into a document.
  2. Close DT.
  3. Reopen it. The cursor is where you left it the last time you closed DT.

Perhaps I’m still seeing DT too much as a mini-wordprocessor, while I should remember that writing should be done - as soon as possible - with another app.