Restarting Tags

I have realised I am not using tags. I think this is because I have so many. A lot of them have been automatically created over the years.

Therefore I have decided to restart my tags…has anyone any experience of this.

I have just deleted all my tags (I am going to keep them in the trash for a few weeks just in case i decide i really need them). I have 3599 !

I am going to try and start afresh with a new sensible, non automatic tagging system.

My advice, for what it is worth, is to ask yourself the question, “Why?” I stopped using tags some while back and really do not see that for my usage I need them. Just because the facility is there does not mean that you have to make use of it and if there is no compelling reason why you should use tags then think twice about doing so. :wink:

To disable the automatic tagging simply exclude groups from tagging for the whole database. Then you can add your own, manual tags to your documents.

Note that you can put, say tag1 into another tag2 within the Tags group. This basically assigns both tag1 and its parent tag2 to every document that’s tagged with tag1. You’re building a “tag hierarchy” where tags can inherit other tags (like “every lizard is also a reptile” → “lizard” is a tag within the tag “reptiles”)