Restore Backup, what is wrong?

Hi, i backup my Database (Devonthink Pro) lots of time by using the internel Script (Export, Backup Archive). That work´s fine. My backup file was saved on my desktop. When i want to restore my backup, is the Instruction (Werkzeuge, Backup wiederherstellen in German) i think it is Tools, Restore Backup Instruction ok? With this instruction i can´t select my ziped Backup on my desktop or another drive. I only see a list with internal backup´s.

What is false here. How can i restore my Scripd base Backup?

Nothing is wrong. Tools > Restore Backup applies only for the internal backups, inside the database package file.

Your compressed archive created by Backup Archive is a complete, independent copy of your database (except that, to conserve space, it doesn’t include any internal backup files). Note that your compressed archive files are dated, so that you can choose the most recent one.

To use an archive created by Backup Archive, simply double-click on the archive to decompress (unzip) it. Then double-click on it to open the database under DT Pro or DT Pro Office.

Of course, when you open the backed up database in this way, inspect it, then run Tools > Verify & Repair to be sure that the database was sound when it was backed up. If good, then run Tools > Backup & Optimize so that there’s a current internal backup. But if there was a problem with the archived database, you can look for the next oldest dated archive and decompress and open it.

Tip: If you wish to copy a large database to another computer over a WiFi network, first run Scripts > Export > Backup Archive on your database. That will verify and optimize your current database, so it will be in good shape. Because the compressed archive is smaller than your database file, it will transfer to the other computer over your WiFi network more quickly.

That’s a very nice explanation of restoring from a zip backup.

Now, please take that post and paste it into the DEVONthink Pro Help because I couldn’t find a blessed thing about restoring from a zip archive in the documentation.

Seems you’re being encouraged by someone other than me for a change, Bill. :smiley:

I agree with this!
i’ve just searched the help files and documentation and there is no record of this simple instruction… which would have saved me 20 valuable mins!
please add to manual next time?