Restore DEVONthink v1 database

Hi there, sorry, newbie (or, more accurately, oldie!) question here - I have backups of an important DEVONthink database from 10 years ago that I would like to restore. The backups are saved as .database files in the library of old time machine backups of an old Mac but I can’t find a way of opening these in DEVONthink 2 (Pro or Professional). It seems like the backups are now saved as .dbMeta files. Is it possible to access these databases in the new program?

Sounds like a backup of DEVONthink Personal 1.x. If you’re able to restore the complete folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink (there should be 10 .database files and maybe many more files in the subfolder “Files”), then DEVONthink Personal 2 should display an upgrade alert after launching it for the first time (or you use DEVONthink Personal 1.x).