Restore Emails from DT3 into IMAP

I need to transfer emails out from a dtBase2 database into an IMAP archive mailbox. How can I do that? In DT3 the respective emails are beeing stored in Emails > Apple Mail > name@domain.tld > Archive.

If you are running the Pro or Server editions, you can select the emails and choose File > Export > as Unix maibox to export to an .MBOX file. This can be imported into Apple Mail via File > Import Mailboxes.

I am running a Pro edition. The export works with a mailbox of appr. 600 MB but nothing happens if I try to export a mailbox of appr. 5.7 GB. Or should I wait more than ten minutes?

Not sure whether you’ve made any progress.

Might @BLUEFROG not have a better solution than mine (which he usually does), you could perhaps break down the 5.7 GB into smallers parts like nine parts of 600 MB and one part of 300 MB.

It’s a crude workaround, but assuming you do this only once it might work. After exporting and importing, combine the blocks again in your mail client.

Personally I would wait with uploading the mail to a webserver until you’ve combined the parts, for example by taking your connection or client temporarily offline.

I don’t have ~6GB of emails in DEVONthink but yes, I’d assume it would take longer than 10 minutes.

@anon6914418’s suggestion of splitting the data pre-export is a good one.