Restore from backup

Dear all
The other day I decided to make a clean sweep and completely erase my Mac. Everything was of course backed up but my trouble started when starting up again.

Problem 1:
I placed my backup on USB disk. It’s perhaps here where my issues started but when DTPO was installed I used the menu File -> Open Database and pointed to the backup on USB disk. DTPO opened perfectly my database but I prefer to have the database at default location and not on a USB disk so I copied it to:

/Users/swoop/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox.dtBase2

What worries me is:
inbox.dtBase2 on default location is modified today 22:08
inbox.dtBase2 on the USB disk is also modified today 22:08

So do I have an issue?

Problem 2:
Based on recommendations here on forum I’m syncing to iPad and iPhone using local network but even it has been running for hours it doesn’t complete. It also shows this message “Not yet synchronized, merge with remote database”.

Secondly this is shown in the log:
22:09:33: Inbox Duplicate database UUID.

Any idea how I get out of this mess? Thanks in advance.

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks

Thanks Bluefrog - ticket created.