Restore Resulted in Read Only InBox?

I just purchased a new machine and brought everything in using Time Machine. I properly moved the license for Devonthink from my old machine to my new one. Everything works fine, more or less, except that whenever I open a new database, DevonThink needs to rebuild my inbox. My inbox has a pencil with a line through it. I assume this means it is read-only. Are these related issues? How can I fix them?

What do you mean by DEVONthink needs to rebuild my inbox?

And it’s likely you have a permissions issue, not unheard of with a Migration Assistant or Time Machine restore.

Since I moved to my new machine, I get this when I open Devonthink:

Initial Verification Reduced

I run a rebuild, and it runs without errors.

But a description of the database looks like this - with a pencil and a line through it:

The lock is greyed out, and I can’t make modifications from here. When I look at the actual Inbox under the path, it says I have read/write permission.


Try doing a File > Rebuild Database on it. Don’t interrupt the process or let the machine power down during this process.

Well, it found 90000 inconsistencies, but there were no missing files.

Everything seems to be fine now after the rebuild.

As always, thanks for your time!


Wow! That’s highly unusual but you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Most likely the restored TimeMachine snapshot was invalid as it was created while the database was modified.