Restore Workspace?

I’m running into trouble with Devon Think Pro Office 2.0pb7 crashing on me quite a bit, at least once an hour. As for what it is that precedes each crash I haven’t noticed a pattern yet, I just get a beachball along with that eerie feeling that it’s all about to crumble, again.

I’m not so frustrated with the crashing since I know that it’s beta software. What I am growing frustrated with is that Devon Think never remembers my workspace. On top of that. when I click on the “reopen” button (Snow Leopard crash dialog) I have to go through these annoying “already in use” dialogs, clicking “continue” for each one. And then I have to go through all the open windows again to open my documents and tabs again and find my place in each document, etc. It’s driving me BATS!!!

Can anyone pleassssssse tell me how to take snapshots of my workspace at any given moment so that when I have to keep reopening after crashing I don’t have to spend so much time restoring everything? I thought I had set the preferences to restore everything when I start it but it only remembers some of the windows that were open the last time, but not the tabs or where I left off in each view.

And how can I turn off the insufferable barrage of “already in use” warnings? I already know that they WERE already in use; they’d still be in use if the silly thing hadn’t dumped on me! I don’t need to reaffirm this every hour or so :slight_smile:

1: I haven’t had crashes in DT Pro Office 2, but I’ve had crashes of a browser in which I had set up a set of tabs that I didn’t want to lose.

In such a case, DO NOT click on that Reopen button. You will lose the application’s ‘memory’ of it’s state. At least in the case of a browser with a set of tabs, if I launch the browser normally, it will come back up with my set of tabs intact. If I hit ‘Reopen’ it won’t.

  1. You should not be having DEVONthink crashes. Something is amiss. I suggest that you send a message to support briefly describing your problem, and attach to the message a recent DEVONthink application crash report, your System Profile and any messages in the Console reported shortly before and up to the time of the crash.

How to find those items:

Launch Console (Application > Utilities > Console).

  • See Console Messages – copy over an appropriate time interval and paste into your message
  • Files > system.log > ~/Library/Logs/ > CrashReporter – Copy a recent DT crash report and paste it into your message

In the menu bar, click on the Apple log, choose ‘About this Mac’.
In the resulting splash screen, click on ‘more information’.
In System Profile, click on File > Save and save the profile, which can then be attached to your message.

Thanks, I’ll follow through with relaying my log info to DT.

I’m not sure I follow what you’re alluding to when you mention your web browser restoring your tabs. Are you saying that my Devon Think workspace should be properly restoring itself but in my case is not?

Bill, I assume that you are not talking about tabs being restored in DT.
And larissa, have you seen tabs restored in DT after you closed and reopened a database normally?
Am I waiting for something that is there already? I have been patiently waiting for tabs to restore in every new beta, thinking that workplace restoration and improvements are probably scheduled for a future beta release. What I experience is that DT doesn’t remember which tabs were open even if I only switch between open databases. I really hope this will make it into one of the next beta’s.