I try to restore from TM to DTPO and always get this error.

What do you do to restore the database and at what point does the message appear? Which program sends the message? Did you close the database in DTPO before trying the restore?

Tks for Your reply.

  1. open TM an looking for the DB a few day ago
  2. found the DB and clicked restore
  3. been ask to keep both or overwrite the one on the desktop
  4. choice was overwrite
  5. TM started to copy
  6. than immy this error shows up.

like to hear from You

Okay, this means that the message is from the operating system. It is my experience that although it says that the problem is a lack of permissions it occurs also in other cases, for instance if the file to be overwritten is locked, or if the connection with the server or disk to which the file should be copied is broken.

I would first try to find out whether the problem is a lock:

  • Was the database closed when you did the restore?
    • If not, close it and try to restore again.
    • If it was closed, open it. Do you get warnings about the database being open already?
      • if so, ignore them and close the database after all the warnings have disappeared. Then try again to restore the database.
      • If not proceed to the next phase.

Here are some suggestions in case the preceding procedure didn’t work:

  • try ‘keep both’ instead of ‘overwrite’ during the restore

  • in time machine, control click on the version you want to restore and choose ‘restore Devon Olaf.dtbase2 to …’ in the contextual menu that appears. Restore the database in another folder than the one with the current version and make sure that that you choose a folder for which you have the required permissions (your ‘downloads’ folder would be a good choice).

  • move the current version of your database to another folder before trying to restore an old version

Hope this helps!


Did you try to restore the database from Time Machine while the older copy was still open in DEVONthink?

Hi arnow and korm,
tks for Your replies. Have already got through all these actions, poor result. I think the easiest way for me is to find a way to get this DB out of TM on my desktop. I have a lot of links in other apps (Ical, Bento, etc). These links works perfect, but as the DB is in TM (connected by wifi and/or ethernet), it takes very long time before the result appears.
Why I do not what to make a new DB is, that all these links will not work any longer. And furthermore I`m working with DTTG (links from Ical on iPad to DTTG). The DB is in perfect shape (on TM). So please if You know a easy way to get the TM-copy to my desktop, of course unprotected, this would solve my problem,

What does “perfect shape” mean – can DEVONthink open the database instance that is stored in Time Machine?

If so, then the permissions on your boot partition may need repair. The first test, of course, is to merely reboot the machine.

If you care to browse, there are a number of threads in Apple’s support forum about permission errors upon restoring from Time Machine.

tks for Your reply,
“perfect shape” means I can start from TM, but still have the (pencil) so I cant make any changes and of course can`t restore it to the my desktop HD.
I start this DB from the “sparse bundle” on TM. I checked the the disks with apples apps and the result was ok.


I’d suggest there seems to be something wrong with the installation of DEVONthink. You’ll get better, more focused help for those problems from DEVONtech support ( or here) than the forum.

ok tks for Your attention and suggestions.

I understand that you use a copy of your database ‘Devon Olaf.dtbase2’ in your TM store on your TM disk? To open this copy you double click on the time machine icon on your desktop computer, navigate to the database and open it by double clicking? And you have links to that copy from elsewhere which you can also use to open the database? Am I correct?

In this case their might not be a problem with the installation of DevonThink or your permissions but with the way you work.

Using files in a backup store (TM or other) to work with is asking for trouble. Not only does it mean that you don’t have a backup, you might also easily disturb the structure needed by the backup program to restore your files in case you need to.

You seem to think that if the restore would succeed your database would be restored on your desktop HD. However, if I have understood you correctly and the database is indeed in your TM store, such wouldn’t be the case: the overwrite tries to restore the backup in the same place as the original, that is, if I am right, in the TM store, not on your desktop HD. So the restore will inevitably fail because the files in the TM store are write protected (it might even be the case that you are trying to overwrite the database with itself).

You also seem to think that if you would be able to ‘restore’ or ‘get the’ TM-copy to the desktop the links to them would remain intact. But this would not be the case: moving a database from one disk to another will break the links anyhow.

So here is your choice: continue to use the TM-copy the way you do it now (which in my humble opinion would be a crazy choice) or copy the database to your desktop’s hard disk (just drag it from your TM disk to the desktop’s hard disk) and update all the links!

Good luck!


Hi Arno,
Tks for Your reply.
Maybe some missunderstanding. This DB was originally created on the desktop HD.
Than ™ of course saved this DB to the external disk and of course all links to other apps where saved too. So I think as long as I can restore this DB to the same location where it was created there should not be any problem. But the problem is that I can`t restore it because of the access which is denied.
To further use it from the backup is of course no idea, because it is protected and I can only use as “finder”.

like to hear from You if You have any ideas to change the “right managements”. I tried something in terminal mode, but without success.



Start a Support Ticket at our DEVONtechnologies Support Ticket System. Thank you.

Hi Olaf,

I have not enough experience with permissions trouble shooting to be of any help.

So I suggest you to start a support ticket at devontechnologies as Korm suggested and bluefrog asked, though I am not sure that your problem has anything to do with DEVONThink (what happens when you drag the TM-copy to your hard disk? did you try to restore files from other programs? what happened? Is it possible to create a new file in the folder with the original database? did you have a look at the permissions in the info panels of the folder that contains / contained the original database and the folder that contains the backup in time machine? Are they what they should be?)

You might also want to take a look at Apple’s support forums (as Korm suggested) and at James Pond’s time machine trouble shooting tips ( See especially item E10: Permissions problems restoring folder contents (

In addition, consider calling Apple Customer Care. They might be able to set up a remote connection and use that to fix your permissions.

Good luck!


Results of a Google search for "“die aktion konnte nicht abgeschlossen werden, da sie nicht die erforderlichen zugriffsrechte für” (with quotes, leaving off the DEVON db part) has some examples of that error in other contexts.