Restoring DevonAgent after a crash

DevonAgent just crashed while I was viewing a website. When I relaunched DA, all the search sets and plugins had disappeared. How do I get these back? Should I just reinstall DA? (I don’t want to lose the archive, which is preserved). I have TimeMachine backup so can restore earlier versions of files if I know which ones to do.


OSX 10.5.6, DA 2.3.1


The same thing just happened to me.

As a matter of fact there are no searches available now.
I’d be very interested in an answer to this question.


I got on to the support folks, and they gave me the following suggestion, which worked. I repost it, in case it helps with yours,

Try this: In DEVONagent, click on the application name and choose Empty Cache. Quit DEVONagent. In the Finder, look for the DEVONagent Preferences.plist file and delete it. It’s at ~/Library/Preferences/ and is named “com.devon-technologies.agent.plist”.

Now launch DEVONagent. Check Tools > Edit Search Sets.



Many thanks for posting this. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me - time for me to get onto the support people I guess.