Restoring from Sync

I recently restored from my iCloud drive and it was a little messy. It worked out ok but the process can be made easier. Here is what I did with a fresh install of DEVONthink after reinstalling macOS High Sierra:

  1. Enabled iCloud Sync - I had to know what name I had used to create my archive. Fortunately I knew what I had named it.

  2. Right clicked the database I needed first and selected the option to import it. Two things happened at this point: the directory ~/Databases was created and the database was restored to /Applications.

Problem Statement: The ~/Databases directory is the correct location to restore databases to while /Applications is obviously not.

Comments: I did not specify ~/Databases but it was somehow created. The information must have been stored somewhere and retrieved. However a look at my iCloud drive would have revealed that my archive was labeled “Archives” rather than asking me.

Feature Request: When syncing databases to remote storage devices record two pieces of information: location of the database on the local system, and the name/location of the archive on the remote system. When restoring from sync offer to either “Restore to original location” or “Restore to a different location.” The backup program on my Linux box does this and it’s a great feature.


The name field supports auto completion and the existing sync store can be selected after clicking on the popup button.

~/Databases is the recommended destination but which folder did you actually choose?

FInally, please note that sync stores shouldn’t be the only backup as they’re optimized for synchronizing, not for backups.